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Phase I: Launching the Collection

- LAUNCH Discord, Website, Twitter, Instagram 

- Reward The Viking Social Club with giveaways including

  • Clothing Merchandise,

  • Viking Events (Yacht event Miami & Los Angeles)

  • Club Event ( Hyde Los Angeles) ( LIV Miami)

- Launch the collection of 10,000 Vikings in OpenSea

Phase II: Community & Connection

  •  Enable The Village ( an exclusive NFT holders members group) which allow holders of the project to
    have voting power on the project, events. 

  •  VSC holders will be rewarded exclusive merchandise, Viking NFT's and extra guest passes to the

  •  Minting Rewards will be deployed

  •  Additional guest passes for the event will be deployed

  •  The Viking Social Club Merch Store will be released to NFT holders, with access to VSC merch and free


Phase III:  Public Service

  • -Activate giveaways ( Merch, NFT's, Additional Event Guess passes)

  • - First Viking Social Club meet-up ( NewPort Beach, CA Yacht July 2022)

  • -Merch Store will be released to the public 

Unique Viking NFT Collection
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